Signs to Look for to Know If You Need a Mold Inspection

Is it really necessary to do a mold inspection? If you let mold accumulate, it could damage your house or building and expose you to health risks such as exaggeration of asthma, wheeling, and sinuses. The growth of mold across the country has created a set of misconceptions, speculations, and confusion about the aspects of … Read more

How To Install A Whole House Dehumidifier

You may be tired of the hot, muggy, sultry and moist air you have to endure in your region. Living in humid geographical regions is not always fun. But there is a solution to your humidity problem.You need to purchase a whole house dehumidifier. These units make sure your humidity levels are brought down to … Read more

The Best Soleus Air Dehumidifier Reviews & Ratings

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How Much is a Pint? – All You Need To Know About Pint Measurement

You must have come across the term “pint” more than once; perhaps you have heard of it when buying the small milk containers from your local grocery store or sometimes you probably catch a pint of beer on your way home. But most often, you will find the word “pint” on refrigerant dehumidifiers? So what … Read more

How to Choose the Perfect Size for your Dehumidifier

Have you ever tried staying in to avoid allergies, only to realize that the inside of your house may contain as much allergens as there is outside? Don’t worry though, there is a way to combat allergens within your space: portable dehumidifiers. How big of a dehumidifier do I need, you ask? Read on and let’s … Read more