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When it comes to humidity, you should not forget about the garage. It is the forgotten room when it comes to protecting your home from excess moisture.

Unfortunately, you open yourself up to a lot of extra expenses when you leave your car unprotected from high humidity levels. Especially if you are living in a humid climate like we do in Florida, getting rid of excess moisture from the air is getting more serious.

The best way to protect your vehicle and other stored items in the garage is to place a top dehumidifier inside the structure. This move may up your electrical bill a little but that is better than paying for new car parts and expensive labor costs.

The best dehumidifier for garage in this round-up is the yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier for Home, Basements, Bedroom, Garage just continue to read our buying guide to find out why.

The 5 Best Dehumidifiers for Garage in 2024

Things to Consider When Buying a Garage Dehumidifier

When you are looking to buy a dehumidifier for your garage, here are some things to consider:

  • Square footage - most garages do not go over 1000 square feet so all you need is a 30 pint dehumidifier on the high scale.
  • Size means everything - for a small garage, a mini dehumidifier will suffice
  • Energy efficiency - the less power you use the better it is for you and your family
  • Capacity - while 50 and 70 pint capacities are great they are overkill for most garages. It is best to go no higher than 30 pints
  • Price - stick to your budget and get the one that will do the job without hurting you financially

Reviews of the Best Dehumidifier for Garage on the Market

yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier Review

When you have 1500 sq. ft. that needs the excess moisture removed, this is the device to do that task. Its 30 pints per day capacity (previously 50 pints) makes it an excellent choice to handle this size of room or garage.

The features you get are second to none and found on almost any indoor dehumidifier. This device has continuous drainage function (drain hose is included), one button on and off capability, auto stop and a 24 hour timer to name a few.

On top of that, its 12 by 8 by 17 approx. inch size makes sure it does not take up a lot of space in your garage. All the controls to operate this unit are located at the top of the dehumidifier so you can easily adjust the moisture setting, timer, fan speed... You do not need to use a lot of pressure to set your dehumidifying parameters. Just a slight touch from your fingertip will do the trick.

The almost 1 gallon water tank capacity makes sure your emptying duties are few and far between. Just make sure to not block the inlet or outlet of the dehumidifier when placing it in your garage.

What We Liked

  • 24 hour timer
  • Good energy efficiency rating
  • Compact size
  • Large water tank

What We Didn't Like

  • Produces too much heat
  • Hard to understand directions
  • Rarely hits the capacity moisture removal level
  • Loud alarms
96 /100
Our Ratings

Vremi Energy Star Rated Dehumidifier Review

The one drawback you need to know upfront is that its 8 gallon or 3 liter water tank may need to be emptied up to 3 times per day. That is not a big problem but you should be aware of that fact before we tell you about the good points.

On top of the water tank size, you also get easy to use controls. They are located on the top of this approx. 20 by 16 by 10 inch device. Getting your settings correct will not be that difficult and it will be matters of seconds, not minutes before you get to enjoy lower humidity levels.

Then you can choose the water tank or the continuous drain option (drain hose is not included). Whichever one meets your lifestyle and preference. Then the quiet fan should keep you from being disturbed when you do other activities. The castor wheels provide the mobility you need when you want to change its location.

 The other thing you need to be aware of is that it will put heat into the room while it is working.

What We Liked

  • 22 pint capacity
  • Easy to use controls
  • Castor wheels for mobility
  • Energy efficient

What We Didn't Like

  • No pump for continuous draining
  • Motor is quite loud
  • Bucket is hard to maneuver in and out of its spot
Our Ratings

Honeywell, White TP50WK Energy Star Dehumidifier Review

Once you have installed this dehumidifier in your garage you can just set it and forget it. It does its job and helps prevent mold and mildew from developing in your car, tools and other stored items

The reusable filter collects dust and dirt while just needing a good rinse under the running tap to get it clean again. After putting the filter back in you can enjoy the effects of 30 pints of excess moisture being removed from the garage.

In addition, you have easy to use buttons that help you make your selection. Just a slight push and you are on your way to a comfortable garage where you can work without worry.

Other top features include a 24 hour timer, sleep mode, low temperature operation and more. Then you also get auto stop and auto restart with wheels that make placement a breeze.

This easy to use device should keep high moisture levels from harming your expensive tools, your cars and your garage. It is rated for 3000 sq. ft. so your extra-large garage will be covered and protected. If you have a larger garage, its 70 pint counterpart with built in pump may work well.

What We Liked

  • Large square footage range
  • Easy to maneuver into place
  • Long lasting filter
  • 24 hour timer & auto restart
  • Standard led display

What We Didn't Like

  • Has a leaking problem
  • Hard to clean water tank
  • Too complicated water tank design
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Afloia Portable Dehumidifier Review

When your garage is small you do not need a large dehumidifier to reduce the humidity levels. Sometimes a small dehumidifier will do the job well and not raise your electric bill very high. This one is rated for 150 sq. ft. or 1500 cubic feet in total.

Plus, it works best when the temperatures are between 59 to 86 degrees F and removes 9 ounces of moisture every day. Its 16 ounce water tank collects that water for you keeping your emptying duties to a minimum.

One button does it all and you just set it in place, turn it on and forget about it till it is time to empty the tank. Also, there is an auto shut off feature that makes sure the device does not run when the tank is full.

With its air-purifying prowess, your garage should have clean air to breathe all the time. The water tank should be easy to remove and put back in place. Its see-through design lets you keep an eye on the water levels.

What We Liked

  • Its small size
  • Its auto shut off feature
  • Its quiet motor

What We Didn't Like

  • Not very powerful
  • May not lower humidity levels that well
  • Slow working
Our Ratings

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier Review

Rated for 1200 cubic feet and that is cubic, not square feet, this little device should be able to remove 9 ounces of moisture per day. That covers about a 150 square foot room.

While it works in cooler temperatures it does not do anything once the needle has hit 41 degrees F. Up to 86 degrees F it works fine. Its rocker switch makes sure the power stays on and does not turn off when the electricity source flickers.

The auto shut off kicks in when the water tank gets filled. The tank should hold about 16 ounces of moisture and is simple to empty. With its small size, you should not have any placement problems.

Protect your car and garden tools by making sure the humidity levels are just right in the garage. It doesn’t take a large device to get the humidity lowering task done.

What We Liked

  • Easy to find a place for it
  • Works well in small places
  • Holds 16 ounces at a time before needing emptying
  • Looks nice anywhere

What We Didn't Like

  • Low air volume to catch humidity
  • Can overheat when working too long
  • Removes moisture too slowly
Our Ratings

Are You Storing Classic Car in an Unheated Garage?

Many people have classic cars stored on their property and sometimes they do not heat their garage. This can cause problems as the humidity and excess moisture can lead to all sorts of hidden damage to car parts.

The unheated garage’s indoor temperatures follow the outdoor temperatures. This act means that a lot of condensation can build up causing rust and other problems. To stop this from happening you need to use a good dehumidifier in your garage and maintain proper temperature levels.

Find a good unit that is rated for your garage size so you do not have to spend more money later one fixing rusted parts or buying a bigger dehumidifier.

What Size Dehumidifier for Garage?

A lot will depend on the size of your garage. If you have a lot of cars being stored inside or need a lot of work space, a 70 pint dehumidifier works well for garages between 3000 to 4000 square feet in size.

If your garage is only 1,000 to 3,000 square feet in size then a good 50 pint dehumidifier will do the job. 30 pint dehumidifiers handle garages 300 to 1000 square feet with smaller units taking over for smaller than 300 square feet.

Ideal level of humidity in your garage no matter the size should be between 40 and 50%. Then to answer the question ‘Which is better ac/heat or dehumidifier in a garage to prevent rusting?’ the dehumidifier is the best option. The ac works mostly on keeping the air cool not dry.

What Size Dehumidifier for an 1800 sq. ft. Garage

In looking at the statistics listed above, a 50 pint dehumidifier is the best model you could buy to handle your garage size. It is possible to use a 70 pint one but that might be overkill. Just do not buy a smaller capacity dehumidifier as those are not rated for such large spaces.

How big a dehumidifier do I need for a single car garage, again, this will depend on the size of your single car garage. If it measures 300 square feet you should get a 30 pint unit. Less than 300 square feet you should go for the dehumidifier that is rated for that amount of space.

The key is not to go too small. The lower price may be tempting but the d=cheaper dehumidifier may not be up to the task because it may be rated for a very small area only.

What We Found

One of the things that we found out was that while the features are basically the same dehumidifiers are not. The different units come with different energy efficiency consumption and that is one of the standards for judging how good a dehumidifier really is.

Another thing that we found out was that capacity does dictate the size of the room you place your dehumidifier in. There is the possibility of having too much dehumidifying going on or not enough.

And the winner is...

If you want a dehumidifier in garage for better air then the winner of this round up should provide that for you. The yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier for Home, Basements, Bedroom, Garage won this competition as it seems to have the highest energy rating and a top capacity for moisture removal.

Plus, it has all the features you have come to expect to see on a top quality dehumidifier. No matter if it is for the garage, you need the same features as you would see in a home dehumidifier.

Final Verdict

Is a dehumidifier good for a garage? Yes, it is. You may have more than your family car out inside your carport and it makes sense to protect all your tools, equipment and other supplies from the harm humidity can do.

A good humidifier gives you peace of mind as you know your things will last longer because you put the top dehumidifier on the job.

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