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Even RVs have a humidity problem, that is the case when you take your RV into some of the more humid areas of the country. To solve that problem you need to use the best RV dehumidifier available. These best dehumidifiers for RV helps remove the excess moisture from your RV and keeps the interior nice and dry.

Using the best means you are taking the right steps to protect your RV interior and frame from any damage. That effort is worth the cost as you will save money in the long run. Plus, you get to enjoy those more humid regions of the country a lot better.

We liked the Eurgeen Touch Screen Dehumidifier the best. To find out why just continue to read our round-up. It provides the facts and the information showing you why it is the best overall.

best rv dehumidifier reviews

The Best Portable Dehumidifiers for RV - Product Summary

  1. Eurgeen Touch Screen Dehumidifier - this is a top quality dehumidifier that is compact in size but still pulls a lot of moisture out of the air for you. Its quiet motor lets you sleep or enjoy your programs. A large water tank cuts your emptying chores down to size
  2. Inofia Dehumidifier - this is another 30 pint dehumidifier but it works in a larger room. Once you set the timer, it will turn on or off when you need it to. Plus, it comes with a continuous drain feature so you do not have to interrupt your activities to drain the water tank
  3. LUKO Quiet dehumidifier - while it may not absorb moisture in large amounts, it still removes 24 pints (approx. 384 ounces of water) in a day. Also, you get a lot of features and power modes that let you customize how you use this unit.
  4. Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier - this 17 inch dehumidifier handles those small spaces on your RV, Its size does not stop it from bring a lot of good features to your high humidity issues. Once you plug it in the easy to use and read control panel makes sure you do not make setting mistakes
  5. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier - this is a simple to use dehumidifier that only needs you to push the power button to work. Its designed for small rooms to make sure your storage closets get dry fast. Its quiet motor should let you sleep without being disturbed

Reviews of the Best Dehumidifiers for RV on the Market




Square Footage

Editor Ratings


30 pints

Up to 400 square feet


30 pints

Just over 1000 square feet


24 pints

About 400 square feet


13 pints

Under 300 square feet


9 ounces

150 square feet

Eurgeen Touch Screen Dehumidifier 4 Gallons

Getting rid of moisture in your RV should not be that difficult anymore. Not with this wheeled dehumidifier on the job. When you do not need it, just roll it out of the way and then roll it back when you do. It is safe and convenient to use.

Also, you get a touchscreen to handle all your dehumidifying selections from fan speeds to humidity levels. Plus, it removes up to 30 pints of moisture in one day. The dehumidifier puts that excess moisture into its 2-gallon water tank, making sure you do not have to make a lot of trips to empty it.

Measuring 20 by 10 by 10 inches approx., this device should not take up that much space in your RV. In addition to that, the touchscreen is easy to learn how to use and not a lot of pressure from your fingertip is needed to make your selections.

With its quiet motor putting out only 45 decibels, you should still be able to sleep at night without being disturbed.

What We Liked

  • Its overall size
  • Its moisture removing capacity
  • Low noise levels

What We Didn't Like

  • Fan may squeal from time to time
  • Longevity issues
96 /100
Our Ratings

Inofia 30 Pints Dehumidifier

Some Class-A RVs can get quite large. That is why you need a top dehumidifier to handle that room size. This unit clears the air of moisture in rooms measuring up to 1056 square feet in size. That makes sure your RV remains nice and dry throughout your use.

Plus, you get 30 pints of humidity removed per day once you turn this unit on. While it only comes with a 1/2 gallon water tank, you can use the continuous drain feature and hose to keep the water flowing out of your RV while you relax.

Then the easy to use control panel lets you set your humidity levels and your fan speeds. One press of your finger and you are set to have a very dry vehicle once again. A built-in timer makes sure you can control your energy use

To dehumidify your RV, you may leave all your doors open so it can pull the moisture out of each room and storage space you have. However you use it, it is a great dehumidifier for your vacation needs

What We Liked

  • Built-in timer
  • Continuous drain feature
  • Large coverage area

What We Didn't Like

  • Humidistat may be inaccurate
  • Drain problems with the hose
94 /100
Our Ratings

LUKO 24 Pints Quiet dehumidifier

For smaller RVs you do not need a dehumidifier that covers a large amount of area. This little 24-pint unit can handle 400- square feet of space without complaint. Once you turn it on, you will see the difference in your smaller RV.

One nice feature is its 3 modes. You can turn it on auto, switch to continuous operation or use the sleep option to make sure you are comfortable throughout the night.

On top of that, you get 3 different colored light indicators to let you know where your humidity levels are. Red is lit when the room is really humid and green when it is moderately humid and blue when the room is dryer.

With the auto-stop feature, you know that the dehumidifier will not overflow its 2-liter water tank. Other features include the auto defrost, ionizer and washable air filter. A continuous drain feature is also included in the standard functions this unit has.

Sleep mode makes sure the fan speed is on its lowest setting. This allows you to sleep while keeping your room nice and dry.

What We Liked

  • The auto defrost mode
  • 3 power modes
  • 3 light indicators

What We Didn't Like

  • A little heavy for its size
92 /100
Our Ratings

Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier

If you need a good dehumidifier for your bathroom or bedroom on your RV, look no further. This best portable dehumidifier for RV handles small rooms up to 270 square feet with ease.

Not only that, it can work in temperatures ranging from almost freezing, 33 degrees F., to 104 degrees F. That makes this a handy little unit to have around your RV.

On top of that, it clears out 13 pints a day into its 1/2 gallon water tank. Or you can hook up its drain hose for continuous draining when you want to avoid your draining duties.

Other good features on this device include adjustable humidity level control, fan speed control, timer and sleep mode as well as screen brightness and swinging vent. All these features combine together to make sure you do not suffer from that summer humidity that tends to make everyone uncomfortable.

An easy to read display screen makes sure you get the settings you are looking for and its 17-inch height lets you place it just about anywhere you need it.

What We Liked

  • All the nice features
  • Easy to read digital display

What We Didn't Like

  • Drain hose does not stop the tank from filling up
  • May be a bit expensive for its size
90 /100
Our Ratings

#5. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier (Best Small Dehumidifier for RV)

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet

It may be small but that is alright. Your RV’s storage spaces, closets and bathroom are not that large either. This dehumidifier may be the best small dehumidifier for RV in existence. It handles rooms up to 150 square feet and removes 9 ounces of moisture per day.

Its 16-ounce water tank holds that water till you are ready to empty it. When the tank is full the dehumidifier will automatically shut off and then an indicator light will light up to let you know you have a duty to perform.

This unit comes without a compressor which means you can get a good night’s sleep when you leave this device on all night long. One drawback is that it will not work in temperatures under 49 degrees F.

One touch control means that you only have to push the power button to get it working. There are no other buttons or settings on this device. The reason for that its size and purpose do not allow for more good features.

This small RV dehumidifier is simple to use and covers those tiny rooms the big boys can’t.

What We Liked

  • Simple operation
  • Made for small rooms or storage closets

What We Didn't Like

  • Not enough features
  • Not enough moisture removal
88 /100
Our Ratings

What We Found

We are well aware of what dehumidifiers do for your home. They pull in a lot of moisture and make sure your home is livable and comfortable. What we didn’t know was that these same dehumidifiers will work in your RV.

These devices provide a great relief when you are on your RV vacation. Those humid regions of the country you have been avoiding are no longer a problem with these units on the RV moisture reducing job.

Also, they are compact enough to fit away in the little storage space your RV has. The moisture removing capability is way better than silica gel based dehumidifiers. That makes them convenient to use and easy to store when not in use. The majority of RV dehumidifier reviews were positive as well.

What are the Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier in Your RV

Like your home, there are a lot of good benefits that come when you place these in the best location for a dehumidifier inside an RV.

  • You protect your RV frame and insulation
  • Your protect your RV’s furniture and cabinets
  • You have a healthier environment
  • Your RV remains nice and comfortable
  • Your RV does not get mold or mildew inside or in hidden places
best dehumidifier for rv

And the Winner is...

As we stated earlier, we liked the Eurgeen Touch Screen Dehumidifier the best and it is the winner of this round-up. One of the most influential factors in our decision was the touch screen. While other units had good control panels, this touchscreen outshined them all.

While another unit covered more square footage, the 2-gallon water tank on this model was the biggest and the best. That size was also influential in our decision. You can cover a large amount of RV territory but a small water tank capacity means more work for you.

Those are just 2 of the reasons why this one stood out and moved to the top of the pack. Its size was acceptable as well.


The right dehumidifier for you may be on that list of competitors. They are ready and able to help kick the moisture out of your RV and keep you and your family nice and comfortable.

That is what you want when you go on an RV vacation. Different regions of the country may not be allergy or asthma-friendly so you need a good dehumidifier for your RV to make sure you and your family does not suffer every day you use the vehicle.

These best dehumidifiers for RV make their contribution to your great RV holiday and help you bring home some great memories.

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