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There are a lot of dehumidifier brands sorting the good from the bad takes a lot of reading, research and trial and error. To help cut your work down so you can get to the best of the best quicker just read our round-up. It provides the information you want to know.

We picked the Danby Premiere 45 Dehumidifier as the best of the best for many reasons. To find out why just continue to read our Danby dehumidifier reviews.

What is a Danby Dehumidifier and Why Should We Use One

The Danby dehumidifier is a device that helps keep your home nice and comfortable by pulling out excess moisture from the air to make your living environment healthy and clean. It can work 24 hours a day if you need it to. The units are Energy Star certified, for the most part, which means that you save money on your electric bill every month.

But that is not the only reason to use a Danby dehumidifier. This machine will help keep mold and mildew away, stop asthma and allergy triggers from entering your home and give you a nice night of rest.

If you want to protect your home and family from bacteria, etc., then the Danby option is the way to go.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Danby Dehumidifier

  • The size of your rooms - this factor is probably the most influential factor you need to consider. You can’t use a dehumidifier that is too small or not rated for that size. Measure your room if you are not sure and buy a dehumidifier that is rated for that size
  • The size of the dehumidifier - while you can use a larger room dehumidifier in medium sized rooms, you can’t use small ones in large rooms. Make sure you get a unit that is large enough to handle the workload
  • Humidity levels - the area you live in will help you find the best dehumidifier for you and your home. You do not need a high capacity when you live in a low humid region nor do you need a low capacity when you live in a very humid area of the country.
  • Dehumidifier features - always an important factor. You want as many features on your dehumidifier as possible. Some, like the auto defrost, are optional but auto shut off, auto restart, timer and a few others are essential.
  • Energy efficient units - this is one of the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a good dehumidifier as you may need to run your dehumidifier 24/7, not several times in humid seasons.
  • Price - always check your budget to make sure you can afford a Danby dehumidifier. Their prices range and all price levels have good units to buy.

Reviews of Danby Dehumidifier in 2024 - Which is the Best One?



Coverage Area

Water Extraction

Editor Ratings


2500 square feet

45 pints per 24 hrs


1200 square feet

50 pints per 24 hrs


1500 square feet

30 pints per 24 hrs

Danby Premiere 45 Dehumidifier Review

One of the standout features on this unit are the castor wheels. That means you can take advantage of the 45 pints per capacity without straining your back. Also, while it is rated for 2500 square feet you should be able to use it in smaller rooms measuring about 2000 square feet approx.

In addition to that, all the controls are located on the top of the machine so you do not waste any time looking for them. Just use the easy to press buttons to make your settings and then let the unit do its job.

A 6 foot power cord gives plenty of length to locate this device well away from walls, obstacles and furniture. Along with the power cord, you can set the humidistat in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperatures. A large water tank makes emptying the excess moisture rare.

Plus, this 45 pint dehumidifier uses environmentally a friendly coolant. That is a big plus when you are concerned about what happens to nature.

What We Liked

  • Easy to use controls
  • Easy to maneuver around your home
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Dual temperature readings

What We Didn't Like

  • May not last past 3 years
  • Fragile parts
  • May leak
Our Ratings

Danby DDR050BLPBDB Review

This Danby dehumidifier with pump may remove 5 more liters than the last one but it is only rated for rooms up to 1200 square feet. That difference does not mean it is a bad unit to own it just means that people with smaller homes can benefit from its moisture removing prowess.

The built-in pump makes sure you can drain excess moisture through drain hose directly into a sink or other drain outlet. Just set the easy to use controls and forget that you have the dehumidifier on

The 24 hour timer lets you stay in control of this dehumidifier’s operation. Plus, it comes with an automatic sensor that will adjust the levels for you depending on the changing conditions in your room.

This energy star rated unit comes with the usual features including auto restart, 2 fan speeds, washable filter and a lot more. There is a water tank on this device if you want to save more energy and empty it yourself.

What We Liked

  • The large capacity
  • Made for smaller homes
  • All the features

What We Didn't Like

  • Pump may not be the best
  • Hooking up drainage hose may be difficult
Our Ratings

Danby DDR30B3WP Review

More for those geographical regions that do not get a lot of humidity. Rated for 30 pints per day this is more than enough for those homes that do not suffer from high humidity levels. It still does a great job at moisture removal.

In addition to that you can use this dehumidifier in rooms measuring up to 1500 square feet. Those medium sized rooms need care as well as the smaller and larger ones do. Plus, the auto defrost function keeps those coils thawed out when you live in colder areas of the country.

Along with that feature, you get 2 fan speeds, 2 year warranty, humidity control and auto shut off. All these features are easily accessed through the top located control panel. The digital read out lets you see your humidity level at a glance.

Also, you can manually empty the moisture through the built in water tank.

What We Liked

  • Handles medium sized rooms
  • Great for low humidity levels
  • 2 year warranty

What We Didn't Like

  • Can send error codes for no reason
  • Quality control issues
  • Small water tank
Our Ratings

How to Use Danby Dehumidifiers

It is not hard to use a Danby dehumidifier. Their units usually come with a conveniently located control panel. Then that control panel is filled with all the buttons you need top push to get the device at the proper fan speeds, humidity levels or use the timer.

Once you have mastered the control panel, make sure you do not place the unit next to a wall or near furniture or other obstacles. You want to keep the airflow moving smoothly without interruption or blockades.

Just make sure to empty the water tank and wash the filter regularly to keep the unit working at premium levels.

Danby Dehumidifier Faq

Is Danby a good dehumidifier?

Which Danby dehumidifier is best for me?

How do I drain my Danby dehumidifier?

What We Found

In doing our research, we found that the highest capacity dehumidifier is not always rated for large rooms. Sometimes they are rated for medium sized areas and still are capable of extracting more than enough moisture from your home.

Also, we found that some of the hose connections are only made for certain types of garden hoses. You may have to buy an adapter to make yours work on the continuous drain function.

Those Danby dehumidifiers take the work out of draining the moisture into the proper outlet. But all models of Danby drain well even if you only use the water tank.

And the winner is...

In this Danby dehumidifier review the winner turned out to be the Danby Premiere 45 Dehumidifier. Not only did we like its capacity but it will work in smaller rooms as well as larger 2500 square foot enclosed areas.

The long power cord, the dual temperature readings and the easy to use control panel helped tip the scales in this unit’s favor. All of the competitors in this round-up are good and the one that is best for you will be the one that fits your home.

With this information, you should find a dehumidifier that will work well for you.

Final Words

Getting the right information is the way to help you find the best dehumidifier for you, your family and your home. Once you have that you can defeat the pushy salesman and avoid the inferior models he or she want you to buy.

Get all the information you can so you can pick the model that will last you a long time and keep your home nice and comfortable. The Danby selection is a good place to start as their dehumidifiers are Energy Star certified as well as carrying the features you want on a dehumidifier.

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