Will Dehumidifier Cool a Room? Your Definitive Answer

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Comfort is king...

We have all been there. After a long day at the office or place of employment, you want to come home to a nice comfortable house to get a good night’s sleep and be refreshed for the next day.

Unfortunately, the humidity levels are high in your bedroom due to the long hot summer evenings. Getting any rest is impossible as the humidity keeps you uncomfortable, sticky as well as too hot to sleep well.

The question is

Does a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

Yes, it does. A good dehumidifier used properly will help you get that night’s sleep you need.

How to Use a Dehumidifier to Cool your Bedroom?

How to Use a Dehumidifier to Cool Your Bedroom?

What a Dehumidifier Does – Will a Dehumidifier Cool a Room?

Once you plug in your new dehumidifier, you get a machine that works hard to reduce the level of humidity in your bedroom. Depending on the style, make and design of the dehumidifier, this humidity is removed in a variety of ways.

Air conditioners do cool the room down and remove some of the humidity but these can be expensive if you run them all night. A good dehumidifier will cut your electrical use and still achieve your humidity reducing goal.

All you have to do is use the dehumidifier properly so you can get the rest you need to face the next day.

Tips on Using a Dehumidifier in Your Bedroom

You just can’t put a dehumidifier anywhere in your bedroom. There are key locations that will make sure the dehumidifier works properly all night long.

Following these keys will ensure that your bedroom will become cooler and the humidity will be low enough so you can sleep comfortably:

  • Keep the dehumidifier away from obstacles – this means it should not be near furniture, tables, your bed and so on. Also, it needs to be at least a foot away from your bedroom walls
  • Start the dehumidifier early – at about an hour or two before you go to bed, close all the windows and doors then start your dehumidifier. You do not want to do this right at bedtime as dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air so that cool and dry air can make dryness in your nose worse.
  • Keep your air conditioner on – using the air conditioning unit for a little while before you go to sleep will help circulate the air better and remove humidity faster
  • Use the correct settings – you want to be like Goldilocks here. You do not want the dehumidifier set too low or too high. You want the controls set just right to get the maximum benefit from your new unit
  • Give it the space it needs – as already stated, your dehumidifier needs space to work correctly. Space allows for the proper airflow, which helps move the humidity towards the dehumidifier. Keep the unit away from all obstacles
  • Do proper maintenance – before you go to bed, make sure the water tank is empty. Also, regularly clean your filters to make sure the unit can do its job correctly
  • Use the right dehumidifier – dehumidifiers come in all shapes and sizes. You need the one that is rated to handle the total square footage of your bedroom. Make sure you read our dehumidifier reviews thoroughly before making the decision. Using one not rated to save a little money will not work and you will still suffer from high humidity levels

Final Words

Following these tips on how to reduce humidity levels in your bedroom will help you get that good comfortable night’s sleep you want. Being comfortable and relaxed in your home helps make you a better person at work the next morning.

Use your dehumidifier in your bedroom properly. That way you can escape those hot, sticky, summer nights that are hard to endure and you can save money on your electricity bill by not using air conditioners too often.

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