Some Common Dehumidifier Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Dehumidifier is an electronic appliance, a machine, a humidity controlling device which helps in maintaining the humidity levels in the atmosphere around them and making the area cooler, fresh or balanced in respect to the temperature of the area. Being an electric device it has a number of technical and mechanical stuff inside for its working, which makes it a problem facing device too, even when you have the best dehumidifier on the market. The most common problems faced with dehumidifiers and tips to troubleshoot them are:

Dehumidifier Troubeshooting

  • Noise of the machine – the dehumidifier has a fan inside attached with other internal functioning parts which runs at the time of functioning of dehumidifier. The fan regulation causes loud noise, despite the covered body it causes noise as well as vibration which troubles to be a problem. To avoid the noise problem it’s better to place the dehumidifier in a closed cabinet with a strong base and check the fan motor, as this can also be the issue behind the noise.
  • Leakage in the tank – the tank of water gets filled with water that is collected from the humid temperature, sometimes the tank filled with water shows the problem of leakage due to which the motor of the appliance does not work and the atmosphere is not affected so well. Clean the tank on regular intervals and drain out the water properly so that leakage problem is looked after and best results are obtained.
  • Coils freeze – this is one of the most common problems faced with the dehumidifiers, the dependence of its working is high on the coils inbuilt, due to the continuous cool air exertion and humidity contraction the coils gets freeze or a layer of ice is made on it which does not allow it to give further results. If the appliance is placed on the floor or lower level then this is also a reason for the freezing of coils as the temperature down is high in comparison to the air level, so it’s an easy tip that keeps it on a higher surface and also cleans the coils timely for good working.
  • Fan does not work smoothly – the fans give problems often as the fan continuously works when the appliance is plugged in. Sometimes it is due to the breakage of the fan blades, sometimes it is due to the loose screws that cause noise also and sometimes there is a technical defect in the motor of the fan. To fix the problem with the fan its best to get a technical help from the professionals or else if one wants to fix it at home then try to move with your hand first or tighten up the screws carefully.
  • Stops working – if continuous plug in the dehumidifier will stop the working once the humidity in the air is exerted, but the motor will continuously run and will not even give any result. Put it off so that temperature can rise and it can work well again.

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  1. A week ago I bought a Frigidaire dehumidifier (FAD704DWD) for my basement (740 sq. ft.). At best it only takes about 30-40 pints of moisture out of the air in 24 hours when in continuous use. Should I return this unit and try another or is there another reasonable explanation?

    Thank you.

  2. My dehumidifier stops running after a few seconds as if the water tank is full, even though there is no water in it. The switch works perfectly. What could be wrong?

  3. Unit does not shut off when bucket is full . I have water over flowing . Have to shut unit off and empty bucket which is not a problem but is when not at home and bucket overflows.
    Is there something I should know about putting the bucket back on ? I believe it is seated correctly.!!! after it is put back on.

  4. I have the same above issue. After bucket fills with water. The indicator light is on. I still find a puddle of water on the floor infront if unit. I too believe I have the bucket seated properly?

  5. My unit turns on, fan blows but no moisture is taken in to the bucket. I cleaned the filter . What else could I do to make it suck in the moisture? Need to know know. Heat wave here in CT

  6. I bought a Fral FDK70 2years ago, and it stops now with the POPT symbol. Had refrigerant added but still have same problem. Suggestions?

  7. I have model fad704dud has worked well. I have a hose connected to unit . it is now filling the tank. with a little water in the hose

  8. I have a FEDDERS, Model A7DH45B2A-A-R. Unit has been on for several hours, but no water. The unit feels warm. Filter is clean. Please advise. Thanks

  9. My Fral FDK54 dehumidifier doesn’t run at all, and displays error code PR12. Seller says warranty is over and code indicates a “probe” problem. Suggestions about better diagnosing and repairing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Tony

  10. The “filter needs cleaning” has come on. Where do I find the filter, and, what’s the best cleaning method?

  11. Here are 2 simple suggestions that should be done first as I learned just a few days ago. Mine was moaning & groaning very loudly, collecting very little water, and I was ready to trash it. I moved it back to the it’s previous location. I moved it this year to a spot where I thought the airflow would be better. #1 Try a different outlet not the the previous owner’s crappy DIY outlet. My dehumidifier is now purring and collecting lots of water. #2 Make sure it is level.

    These 2 hints may help with other problems as well. Sensors may not work if it is not level.

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