Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier with BUILT-IN DRAIN PUMP Review

Friedrich D70BP Review

Most of the time, the incredibly damp and unplumbed areas in your unfinished crawl spaces and basements are the most significant places to mount a dehumidifier. However, getting a dehumidifier that suits these places is often a challenge.

Do you have mold and mildew growth in your basement or inside your home? While the stuffy/moldy air, air particles, and bacteria could cause a lot of breathing difficulties and health problems and make you feel uncomfortable and stressed out, making a choice of the available dehumidifiers should not add more to that already. I felt the same way too. I couldn’t bear feeling uncomfortable inside my home which I have a lot of control over. I took up the chance to review the Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier with BUILT-IN DRAIN PUMP and you should check it out if it’s a great choice for you.


The Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier with BUILT-IN DRAIN PUMP is a 115v ENERGY STAR® qualified dehumidifier with a continuous drainage option which helps to optimize the functionality of the whole unit. You can set the precise humidity level to your taste from 30% to 90% RH. It removes 70-pint of moist air from your home in 24 hours leaving your home fresh, cool and comfortable. It functions at a very low temperature about (41°F) which makes it best suited for people in low-temperature regions. It has a removable water tank with suitable handles and durable roller-caster wheels for easy movement around your home. It has a filtration washable slide-out filter and a Top-mount digital control which displays the room humidity level and temperature.

Key features

  • 2-speed fan: Enhances maximum flexibility.
  • Built-in roller casters: For easy movement around your home.
  • Washable slide-out anti-microbial filters: Aids moisture remover and freshness.
  • 6 feet power cord: Support connectivity to power source
  • Standard 115 volt electrical outlet: For suitable and maximum power supply.
  • Continuous drain operation: Helps to reduce the stress of constant water tank removal and drainage.
  • Energy Star qualified 70-pin dehumidifier: Removes 70-pint of moist air from your home and helps efficient energy management.
  • Built-in Drain Pump: Support either vertical or horizontal condensation.
  • 24-hour timer.
  • Auto defrost mechanism
  • Top-mount Digital Control: Displays room temperature and humidity level.
  • Removable water tank with suitable handle: For condensate collection and easy transfer.


  • Convenience: It is a very powerful dehumidifier ideal for basements, equipment rooms, storage rooms and other moisture concern areas with reliable and convenient operations.
  • Efficient: It is ENERGY STAR qualified and provides a continuous-drainage function which can be adjusted to your desired humidity level from 30% to 90%.
  • Top-mount Digital Control: This display the room temperature and humidity level.
  • Automatic Defrost: This helps to defrost the heating coils automatically aiding efficient operation.
  • Easy movability: The easy-roller casters make moving this unit from room to room easily.
  • Superior drainage operation: It has a removable water tank/condensate bucket up to 16-pints and continuous drainage outlet.
  • Built-in drain pump: This helps to pump water or condensate horizontally or vertically up to about 15ft away.
  • Sleek, clean modern design: It has a non-louvered front panel with a clean and stylish appearance which does not accumulate dust, household debris, and pets’ hair.

What We Liked

  • A sleek and attractive design.
  • It is moved easily with the help of roller-casters.
  • It has Easy-to-use electronic controls.
  • The LED lights help to indicate that the water tank is full.
  • The humidity can be adjusted.
  • It is Energy Star rated.
  • Removable condensate/water tank.
  • It has a drain hose packaged with it.
  • Built-in water pump.

What We Didn't Like

  • It is slightly noisy when the fan speed is high.
  • The dehumidifier cannot remember previous settings if switched off manually.
93 /100
Our Rating

Is This Unit For You?

This is a personal question; however, if you answer yes to the questions below, you definitely need to get this 70-pint dehumidifier. Does the stuffy air and mold growth in your home give you some concerns and discomfort with breathing difficulty?​

  • Do you need a dehumidifier you can set to your exact humidity level desired to keep the maximum quality of air and comfort of your home?
  • Do you experience a regular power outage in your home and you seek the best dehumidifier to suit this home and reduce your power concern?
  • Do you need a dehumidifier that will minimize your energy consumption and save your bills?


  • How much can I get this product for and from where?
    Answer: You can get this product from Amazon.
  • What is the warranty or guarantee for this product?
    Answer: a 1-year labor/ and 5 years seal warranty and, of course, with optimal functionality guaranteed.
    (warranty policies can be changed in the future depending on the manufacturers. Please contact them for more updated information)

Final Verdict

This product makes your room more comfortable since it removes excess moisture from the air inside your home. Although, it may not be the largest or the most highly priced unit out there its features make it one of the best dehumidifiers you can get from anywhere. The automatic features make it very easy to operate and it last longer.​

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