Mold Resistant Paint

Mold and mildew become a problem wherever high levels of humidity are found. Inside the home, these rooms can be bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. In the Southern states of America mildew and mold are a problem all year round and on both interior and exterior surfaces. A mold resistant paint could save you a lot of money and trouble.

Mold and mildew can become a persistent problem caused by seasonal fluctuations in the moisture content of the air. Mold can cause serious health problems due to mold spores in the air, in the case of black mold prolonged exposure to the spores can result in death.

Black mold and several other types can be extremely difficult to get rid of, if proof of their hardiness is needed, look no further than New Orleans where several houses had to be condemned and torn down after Hurricane Katrina, not because of water damage or structural issues but because black mold had made the houses uninhabitable. Removing wall mold is a must if you hope to make a room useable once more. In order to make sure that any potential mold problem is dealt with effectively first clean the area carefully using a solution containing boric acid, this is one of the most effective mold killing agents available. Then remove the dead mold and paint the area with a mold resistant paint. Any good hardware store will be able to provide you with a paint solution. When it comes to exterior paint the same pre-painting preparation applies. Exterior paint that is mold resistant is available from many leading paint manufacturers and comes in a variety of colors suitable for most exterior surfaces. As a bonus, many of these paints are also stain and weather resistant.

mold resistant paintIn the interior of the house, there are areas which are prone to mold buildup, including the bathroom. Using mold resistant drywalls in these areas can help. One of the areas most affected is the ceiling, due to the fact that hot air rises and moisture condenses on the ceiling. For this reason, it is essential that homeowners pay careful attention to which ceiling paint they purchase for use in these areas. The ideal ceiling paint for these humid areas will contain a mildewcide which will kill any mildew and prevent a potentially harmful buildup.

Other areas of the bathroom should also be regularly checked for mildew and mold buildup. The shower should be checked and all seals should be replaced immediately should there be evidence of mold. A recent study has shown that mold and slime buildup in the showerhead can be a concern. Homeowners should unscrew the head to check for mold and mildew regularly. Some health professionals recommend disposing of the shower head if it shows evidence of mold or mildew. However in most cases a treatment with a mildewcide and a solution of bleach and water should be sufficient to solve the problem. Always take care to purchase a non-toxic mildewcide and rinse the showerhead extremely thoroughly after it has been treated.

The use of mold resistant paint has become widespread across the United States and there are now variants which can be used in any conceivable situation, both inside and outside the home.

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