The Best Home Mold Test Kit – Reviews & Guide

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Too much humidity can lead to all sorts of indoor air quality and household issues for you and your family. If you do not do something about the high humidity levels in your home, you could have a mold outbreak. These mold problems can affect the health of your family especially allergy sufferers.

There are a few mold testing methods you can use to determine if mold is present or not, but the most effective way to spare yourself these risks is to use one of the top 5 DIY mold test kits reviewed in today’s round up. These kits can give you advance notice of visible mold build-up without doing a professional mold inspection. Then you just need to take the appropriate steps to eliminate the toxic mold from your home.

The best mold test kit we found on the market today is MOLDetect One Sample Mold Test Kit. It is the one we like and find to be the most effective one on sale now. Keep reading our mold detection kit reviews to find out why.

Here's the top 5 best mold test kit according to our research

Our Summary of the Best Home Mold Test Kits

MOLDetect One Sample Mold Test Kit helps you find the right locations where mold tends to grow. You collect the samples and send them off to the professional lab for analysis. A wait of 2-3 days is all it takes to get your results.

Mold Armor Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit is an easy to use test kit that helps you find mold inside or outside your home. Once you have collected your samples, just send them in to get your results in 48 hours.

Amatest Mold Test Kit - You get up to 3 tests included in this package. This allows you to target those areas where you think black mold is growing. Plus, you can do an air test to see if the spores are spreading before you can kill them.

Pro-Lab Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit - Testing for black mold is safe and easy with this DIY mold test kit. Just collect the sample in petri dishes and send it off in the pre-paid envelope. Keeping your home safe is not a chore with this kit around.

A-1 Basement Instant Home Mold Test - you can get results in one minute with this do it yourself mold test kit. That is quick work and no waiting for a lab to report back. Start your old clean up faster when you go with the test that works faster.

The Best Mold Test Kit Reviews and Ratings in 2024

MOLDetect Accredited One Sample Mold Test Kit Review

This is an easy do it yourself mold test kit that will save you both time and money. With easy to follow instructions, you should be able to find mold wherever it is growing. The instructions give you the best locations to look in.

Plus, since both living and dead mold spores do put your health at risk, this kit will let you know where they are living or lying. You should be able to get rid of all the dangerous mold in a short clean up time.

Once you have your samples, a professional and accredited lab will analyze them and send you the results. It should only take 2 or 3 days to receive a reply. Also, inside the handy booklet, you will receive tips on how to prevent toxic mold from getting foothold in your home in the future.

The good news is that this mold test kit will also test your carpets. Just find the right spot and follow the instructions to get a good sample for analysis. To make your home mold free, do the right test.

What We Liked

  • Targets carpets as well
  • Professional analysis
  • Hints for mold location

What We Didn't Like

  • 9-page PDF booklet
  • Inconclusive results
  • Basic information
96 /100
Our Ratings

Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit Review

If you want a quick answer to your question is there mold growth in your home, then you may find it in this do it yourself home mold test kit. That is if you consider 48 hours a quick response. Since you are not moving right away, that should be quick enough.

In addition to the quick response time, you can look for mold anywhere inside or outside of your home. Mold has its own preferences where it likes to grow so make a diligent and thorough search. Mold can grow where you least expect it.

Once you have your samples, just send them off to the professional lab to determine if the mold is toxic or not. This home mold test kit should be able to detect the presence of mold before you actually see it. The spores are microscopic when they start out.

All you have to do to successfully obtain samples is to follow the included instructions closely. Make sure you select the best mold sample to mail into the professional analysis lab.

What We Liked

  • Easy to use
  • Good professional services
  • Quick response time

What We Didn't Like

  • The cost of the testing
  • Lack of definitive results
  • Results not returned
94 /100
Our Ratings

Amatest AMA109 Mold Test Kit Review

For the cost of the test kit, you get professional analysis of the mold samples you have collected. This analysis should inform you of the type of mold you have in your home and how toxic it really is.

Plus, the kit will test all surfaces and even help you capture any airborne spores to make sure mold is not spreading through your home. This kit targets black mold, one of the more harmful varieties of mold in the world today. But it is safe to use, and you should not be at risk as you collect your samples.

With this black mold test kit, you get three air quality tests to make sure your home is mold free. Once you have collected your samples, just submit them to the top laboratory for analysis. Only a couple of days are needed to wait for your results.

Then when you get your detailed lab report back, you can take the right steps to clean up the mold and make your house mold free.

What We Liked

  • Easy to collect samples
  • Shipping included in the price
  • Targets black mold

What We Didn't Like

  • May not have 3 tests inside the box
  • High product cost
  • Short on analysis
92 /100
Our Ratings

Pro-Lab MO109 Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit Review

To make sure your home is a healthy one, you should test for mold on a regular basis. One way to do that is to use a good home mold test kit. This unit is a good testing kit to use to make sure your home is mold free.

Also, it is safe and easy to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions to get the best samples to send in for analysis. Even when you look for black mold, you will be safe from risk as you collect a sample of that variety of mold.

Once you have collected your samples, you use the enclosed pre-paid envelope to submit your mold. Then you wait a few days to get the results back in the mail. You should receive a detailed lab report telling you what kind of mold you have and how bad it is.

This test is a little work, but it is a safe step to take especially when you have children or elderly parents in your home.

What We Liked

  • Its easy use
  • Postage paid envelope
  • For inside or outside areas

What We Didn't Like

  • The overall cost
  • Airborne test a little inferior
  • Not good customer service
90 /100
Our Ratings

A-1 Basements Instant Home Mold Test Kit Review

In this instant home mold test kit, you get two test sticks to help you locate where the dangerous mold is growing. And by instant we mean really fast. Your results should come back in about 1 minute after testing.

In addition to this, the test is easy to administer and safe for you to do. The accurate results will help you make your home even safer for you and your family. Just follow the included instructions and you should be fine while you conduct the test.

Doing these mold tests yourself can produce peace of mind as you a will be made aware of where any mold is growing. Plus, you should save a little money over having professionals do it for you.

Just be aware that this instant mold test kit is only the first step in mold prevention. It is not the prevention itself. You will need to take further steps to ensure your home is mold free and healthy to live in. A how-to video is available if you want to see these test sticks in action first before using them.

What We Liked

  • Instant results
  • Easy and safe to use
  • How-to video available

What We Didn't Like

  • Color code results not accurate
  • No specific mold targeted
  • Hard to squeeze
88 /100
Our Ratings

What We Learned

In doing our research on these best mold test kits is that they work fine when you collect your samples. They are safe and easy to use, and you are not at risk when you search for places mold tends to grow first. They even handle air borne spores to let you know how fast the mold is spreading.

The real issue seems to be with the test labs (lab fee is always included with the kit already). They can be non-responsive, take longer to return results. Plus, their detailed lab reports may not be detailed or give you the specific class of mold growing in your home.

It is certain that some labs are not very good at customer service.

How to Use a Home Mold Test Kit

Once you have made the decision to test for mold in your home by using a convenient home mold test kit, there is a right way and a wrong way to use these test kits. The key is to pick strategic sections in your home and use the kit in those places.

Now be careful, you may need to use more than one mold test kit if you want to test several key areas in your house. After you get the mold test kit home, here are some steps on how to use it:

  • Look for hidden spots- this can be behind refrigerators, around enclosed plumbing, anywhere there is moisture.
  • Next close the windows in the room you will be conducting your test 24 hours prior to the test
  • Open the petri dish and let sit on a flat surface for about 48 hours
  • After the 48 hours, close the lid and seal the seam with tape
  • Write the date on the included label and put the label on the sealed dish
  • Put the sealed petri dish in a dark spot and wait two more days
  • Check the dish. If no mold has grown in 5 days, you can toss it out. If there is mold, you need to send it to the lab for analysis
  • Send the petri dish to the lab and wait for your results

Final Words

If you like to have a mold free home, it is best to get it checked on a regular basis. That way you can stay on top of the mold issue. If you cannot afford a home inspection or one of the best dehumidifiers, you can afford one of these home mold test kits.

They are easy to use and do not put you at any risk when you use them. Plus, you save money doing it yourself. If you have allergy sufferers, elderly people or kids in your home, it is a wise step to take to test your home for mold.

We found that the MOLDetect One Sample Mold Test Kit was the superior test to use. It was even better than the instant test as it was easier to use and collect samples. Most of the home mold test kits were basically the same but this one seemed to have better customer service as well.

Maintain a healthful home environment is never been more important.

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