Where is the Best Place to Put Dehumidifier in 2 Story House?

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When you have a larger house, dehumidifier placement is essential. It is not necessary to buy a dehumidifier for every room when you can place the unit in the best spots to cover more than one room. So where is the best place to put your dehumidifier in your 2 story house?

The answer to that question is coming up. All you have to do is continue to read our article and compare its information with your home to find the right spot for you and your family to be comfortable.

The Best Place to Put Dehumidifier in 2 Story House

This location depends on several factors. One of those factors is that the unit should not be placed next to a wall or a large object. You want enough airflow to go to your dehumidifier so that it cleans the air properly. Other factors include the following:

  • Where you think it will do the most good
  • Where your outlets are located
  • How good the airflow is
  • Keep them away from dust and dirt sources
  • Where there is the most moisture
  • The temperature of those floors

Those factors should give you a good idea where the dehumidifier should be located. Keep in mind that a two story house does not distribute the humidity evenly. You may have some spots more humid than others.

This situation refers to the second to last factor in that list. If your most moisture producing rooms are on the lower levels, then your dehumidifier should be located there.

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Should a Dehumidifier be Upstairs or Downstairs?

Should I put dehumidifier upstairs or downstairs?

Actually, it is not the floor location that matters in the placement of your dehumidifier. It is the temperature of the floor that will make the final decision for you. For some models of dehumidifier, the colder the floor the better it will perform.

But that will not always be the case as the dehumidifier should also go to the floor with the most humidity. That would be your basement or your second floor. Then some people say when you place the dehumidifier in the basement it should be near the stairs as the airflow is better.

Because dry air may not rise as much as hot air will, it may be necessary to place a dehumidifier on both the second floor and the basement. When you place a unit in your basement make sure to avoid those spots that let water gather into a puddle and remain there for some time.

Where is the Best Place to Put a Dehumidifier in a 2 Story House?

After looking at all the facts, the placement of your dehumidifier may boil down to your personal preference and where it won’t be in the way of your daily activities. The experts do not all agree on the perfect location because there are just too many important factors involved.

Once you locate your best electrical outlets on all floors, determine which floor generates the most moisture and find where the dust source is the greatest, you may be left with only one choice.

As long as you keep it about 12 inches or more away from the wall, and away from big objects, your placement should be determined for you. There is one other factor that plays a role that has not been mentioned so far.

Your placement will also be determined by how you want the unit to be drained. The basement provides the best drainage options but if you like removing the water bucket and replacing it in the unit, you may want to locate the dehumidifier where it is easiest to access.

An Option to Consider

After considering all the facts already given above, you may come to the conclusion that having the dehumidifier located on one floor only may not be practical. Also, buying two dehumidifiers may not work with your budget.

There is a simple solution. You may want to buy a whole house dehumidifier and locate it near your furnace. This solves all location problems as well as drainage issues. Plus, the electrical outlet will be quite close to your furnace.

A whole house unit may be just what you need as you will get even coverage throughout your home and no floor will be without protection. Think about it and see which option works best for you.

Some Final Words

Determining the best spot to place your dehumidifier takes a little thought and work. Once you consider all the options, you may find that it doesn’t matter which floor you place it on as long as the dehumidifier dries the air out as advertised.

Since you have to do the work draining the unit, you will want to locate it where it is easy to remove the water tank and transport it to your sink or bathtub. The basement is the best spot for the continuous drain function.

Where is the best place to put dehumidifier in a 2 story house? Where you won’t trip over it every time you do something in your home.

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