Question Answered: Can You Drink Water from a Dehumidifier?

For the most part, water is usually safe to drink. That is because normal drinking water had been purified or had chemicals added to it to kill bacteria and germs. Tap water is some of the safest water to drink for that very reason.

Other sources of water may not be as good tasting nor as healthy as tap water, and that includes drinking water from a dehumidifier.

Can You Drink Water from a Dehumidifier?

You may ask yourself "can I drink dehumidifier water?" It is possible but the real question to answer is "why would you want to?" You would have to be pretty desperate to drink water from a dehumidifier even if the tank has been thoroughly cleaned and the water was recently put in that tank.

Dehumidifiers collect moisture from the air and places it in their individual water tanks. If you do not empty that tank right away, the water can sit for days making it ideal for bacteria, including mold, mildew and algae, to grow. When that happens the water is not fit to drink.

can i drink water from a dehumidifier

It would be advisable that you do not drink water collected by your dehumidifier. The coils that transform the air moisture into water may not be clean and you would be drinking dirty water.

One reason for this is that the dehumidifier is not equipped to cleanse the moisture from the air it collects. The device removes water in a continuous drainage mode until you turn it off. Then it sits there waiting until the water tank is full. During that time the water can be subject to any heavy metals that are on those coils or drainage tubes.

Those heavy metals are not healthy for you to drink.

Is Dehumidifier Water Safe to Drink?

Technically, it is possible that the water is safe to drink. But that water would have to be uncontaminated from any impurities for you to receive any health benefits from that water.

Still, water can collect all sorts of impurities, including algae and mildew and you may not see those items initially. There may also be hidden spores that are invisible to the naked eye which will also cause you some health problems if you drink too much.

One thing you should remember is that the dehumidifier collects water from the air and has no mechanism to purify that moisture.

Is Dehumidifier Water Distilled?

The dehumidifier works to cool the moisture not heat it up. The latter element is needed to create distilled water. That heating process kills the bacteria and germs in normal drinking water and most dehumidifiers are not designed to do that.

The dehumidifier has cooling coils that turns the moisture into water and if the coils are nice and clean then the water might be pure enough to drink but it won’t be distilled water.

The cooling or absorption process in dehumidifiers does not remove any germs, bacteria and other spores that may be risky to your health.
is dehumidifier water distilled

How Much Water Should a Dehumidifier Collect in a Day?

The answer to this question depends on the size of the dehumidifier. Little one room units that are not made for large square footages may only take out 10 to 16 ounces per day, depending on the size and design of the small dehumidifier.

There are larger dehumidifiers that can take out between 30 and 70 liters of moisture per day and whole house units that take out even more. These devices are not going to take out any more moisture than they are designed to remove.

If you live in a high humidity zone and you only have a 30 liter dehumidifier then you may be stuck with high humidity levels as the dehumidifier will stop removing moisture once it hits its limit.

Can Dehumidifier Water be Used to Water Plants

This is one of the best uses of dehumidifier water. Plants have their own system of purifying water and placing the water from your dehumidifier in their dirt will save you on your water bill.

The dirt should help clean any water you place in the pot or the ground outside. It is a great way to keep your plants healthy as their system is a little different than the human one.

This is a great way to water your indoor plants as well. Just don’t take a sip while you are doing this.

Can You Water Plants with Dehumidifier Water & Other Uses?

use dehumidifier water to water plants

As you already know dehumidifier water can be used to water your plants and keep them healthy. But that is not the only option you have to use this water. Here are some other ideas to help you to not waste the collected water:

  • Fill up your car’s radiator with this water
  • Use the water to fill up your window washing tank
  • Or add it to your iron when it is time to do that chore
  • Put the extra water in your toilet tank to save on water usage
  • Mix in some bleach or other cleansers to wash your floors, windows and other items
  • Use it to clean your pedal bike, motorcycle or car

The Main Purpose of a Dehumidifier

These units are designed for water collection and their effectiveness depends on the size of room you place them in. Their purpose is to lower the humidity levels and remove the water through their water tank or continuous drainage system.

The dehumidifier’s purpose is not to produce drinking water. A dehumidifier’s work is to help keep you more comfortable day or night.

Final Verdict

It may be tempting or a college friend may dare you to drink dehumidifier water but don’t give in to those temptations. Dehumidifier water is not for human consumption because it is not purified water.

The best thing to do with this water if you do not want to send it down the drain, is to find better uses for it, like watering your plants.

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