How a Dehumidifier Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer?

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Staying cool in summer is important!

Those months are known for high heat and moisture levels due to a variety of reasons. All you know is that when those humidity levels go up, you want relief from that heat. A good dehumidifier can help cool you down and make those summer months more bearable.

One way to get a break from the heat and high humidity is to purchase a top of the line dehumidifier. These units help keep your house or room comfortable and at livable temperatures.

Are Dehumidifiers Air Conditioners?

No, a dehumidifier is not an air conditioner. Air conditioners are designed to remove hot air from your room or home and replace it with substantially colder air. The only problem with these units is that they can cost a lot to operate.

Air conditioning units can remove some moisture from the air, but it needs help from a dehumidifier to remove all the moisture and protect your home. The main purpose of an air conditioner is to release cool air to the room's environment.

But, will a dehumidifier make a room cooler?

The answer is "yes"

Dehumidifier makes room cooler by pulling moisture from the air so that the room air will be cooler a bit. The way a dehumidifier cools a room is by removing the hot moist air and replacing it with dryer cooler air. But it is more than enough to make you feel more comfortable in the summer.

Why We Need A Dehumidifier In Summer Time

How a Dehumidifier Can Help You Stay Cool

Getting rid of the hot excess moisture in a room is the primary way a dehumidifier helps keep you cool. Humidity is hot and it is sticky. When it hits your home, it can become unbearable to be inside especially when you do not have an air conditioner to help cool the air.

The dehumidifier will remove that hot, sticky moisture and replace it with cooler, dryer air so you feel better and cooler. Another way a dehumidifier can keep you cool is for you to set it in the middle of your room.

This location keeps all obstructions away from the dehumidifier letting it run at optimum levels. Close all windows and doors to the room and let the dehumidifier run. This will remove all the hot air without letting new hot air inside.

You do not want to leave the door open to the room with the dehumidifier as that makes the unit work harder and less efficiently. The room is constantly fed new high humidity levels keeping the room warmer than it should be.

Plus, your dehumidifier may wear out from having to work so hard at lowering the levels of humidity. A final way you can use a dehumidifier to help keep you cool is to properly maintain it.

Make sure the filters are clean and not torn. If they are dirty, clean them and if they are ripped, replace them. New filters protect you and your family and help cool the room faster.

When it comes to using a dehumidifier to cool a room down instead of using an air conditioner, you will save money on your monthly electricity bill as well.


Because dehumidifiers are not air conditioners, your home or rooms will not get as cold as an air conditioner can do. It is always a good idea to run both the air conditioner and the dehumidifier at the same time as that is the best way to lower your room temperature and remove the hot sticky excess moisture that bugs you all summer long. Don't forget to read our basement dehumidifier reviews before buying one for your home.

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